French Palace 10th Anniversary Edition

Design by Stefano Mapelli 23.399 bricks

Happy anniversary French Palace!

After 10 years I back with a new special edition of my first Moc: French Palace.

Since during these years many builders have asked me for advice on how to replace bricks that have become too expensive and rare, I decided for the 10th anniversary, to completely redesign the French Palace. So, here are some slaving features:

  • 23.399 bricks
  • Completely Modular
  • Divided in nine blocks, easy to move and easy to stock.
  • One complete Brick-list and Nine different brick-list for each Block so you can buy all necessary bricks slowly during time
  • New colors and Details: a new main door, a new tree, new color for the roof to fit perfectly Stebrick Notre Dame de Paris and much more ready to be discovered by you
  • No more rare Bricks! All old rare bricks are been replaced by new and better! 
  • Two types of roof! Because of the slope corner brick "3685" is always been a so hard brick to find and because it could become also with the new color a rare brick, I have designed two types of roof so you will be always able to build it even if the price of the corner slope will become too much high!
  • Brick Exchange List: Some advices about how to replace bricks during time; Like the corner slope 3675 dark bluish grey, you will find in the instructions a way to replace it without change the final result of this Moc. The complete brick-list will be updated time to time watching how the price of each brick will go on. Let's fight the future races bricks!
  • Many Ways to assemble it: due to its particular design you can easy find many ways to assemble it to find each time a new shape for the whole place, like a reduced version, a simple place without the tower and many many others ways to assemble it!
  • Dimensions in centimeters: W 80.5cm L 78.2cm H 58.6cm

The French Palace 10th Anniversary Edition is a registered design with a valid World wide patent Design number ®©2021

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EUR 80.00

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