Court House - Instructions

Just instructions. 13.861 Lego® Elements, Design by Stefano Mapelli, STEBRICK ©2021



  • 13.861 bricks
  • 60 x 40 x 35 centimeters Modular Boulding dimensions.
  • Fully modular to be easily packed, transported and assembled in no time
  • Divided into 3 Macro blocks: Two Blocks A, the court wings and Block B, the main hall.
  • One Total Brick-list and three dedicated brick-lists for each blocks to let you decide to collect bricks with no hurry.
  • Two different facades in a single model, so you can show THE COURT HOUSE in the center of your Lego city while always maintaining a unique view.
  • Two floors for the courtrooms and a single large hall with two entrances.
  • Complete with furniture and flooring: Four rooms, two of which are fully furnished as courtrooms, A central hall with an imperial staircase and special paintings and palques. Two rooms on the ground floor left empty but with curtains on the sides to let you decide what kind of room you want to create.
  • No stickers! You will find 44 UV printed Lego® tiles at the state fo art, available only on ... we really hate stickers! ;-)
  • Bricks Exchange list: Because of some bricks might get rare, with this list, you will find always good alternatives in color and type of bricks, updated every six months.

If you want to buy the complete model in lego bricks you will only find it exclusively on if you find it somewhere else be careful because they are frauds.

If you already have a good amount of bricks and you are looking for the missing bricks to complete it, I recommend these two trustworthy shops on : Legare Milano and Fedro House

The court House is available also with Lego compatible bricks exclusively on to which we have sold a regular exclusive license for sale to fight also the piracy and illegal use of my Design... But BE CAREFUL!!! we don’t support any other compatible brick manufactures. And above all on you will find the Court House just with Lego® bricks.

More Pictures at Stebrick Flickr Gallery

!!!!For all Pirates!!! This Moc is a “”WORLD WIDE Registered Design Patent”” . Do not waste time to steal my Moc so you can save your and my time. I will act thru your personal Host Domain, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Aliexpress etc… with a IPR infringement report to protect my Intellectual Property.

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