Old Town Hostel

Design by Stefano Mapelli. 5283 Lego® elements.

"Old Town Hostel"


Perfect for young tourists in your Lego® city! :-)

  • 5286 Bricks
  • Perfect Modular building dimension!!!
  • Perfect compatibility with Lego® Modular Buildings
  • Divided in 4 layers like all official Lego® Modular
  • Nice scenario “broken window”
  • Nice garden behind the building with a barbecue and a chimney
  • Nice tall city tree
  • Ground Floor is furnished with a Reception Hall scenario
  • First floor is furnished with curtains and tiles with a very nice spiral staircase
  • Second floor furnished just with tiles
  • You will get a link to download Instructions in High Quality PDF. A .xml to load it in BrickLink and a Brickstock file with also a PDF with the bricklist.

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EUR 20.00

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