French palace

Just instructions. 24.940 Lego® Elements, Design by Stefano Mapelli, STEBRICK ©2010

Every parts is build on a baseplate 32x32 so it's perfect on your own city!!! 9 Base Plate 32x32. With this kind of instruction you can decide also to have just the corner, the square, the tower etc... It's a big construction but don't worry this instruction are divided by section so if you decide to have just the corner (same dimension of caffe corner) you can get it with just the part list to build the corner, the tower and every single part of this building!!!

You'll receive a Zip file with: Instructions step by step in High Quality PDF, List about total pieces, .bsx file to upload all necessary bricks to your own wanted list in, a .Bsx file to Open with BrickStock to see all necessary bricks and a READ ME file to know how this instructions works.

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