Notre Dame de Paris - Complete set in Lego® Bricks

63.190 Lego® Elements, Design by Stefano Mapelli, STEBRICK ©2020


  • Perfect Modular building dimension!!!
  • 63.190 Lego® Bricks divided by Types and Colors
  • Perfect real proportion
  • Incredibly detailed following the REAL Notre Dame.
  • Dimension in cm: width: 51,8 cm, length: 145,7 cm, Height at the top of the central tower: 101,9
  • Dimension in Inches: width: 20,4 Length 57,4 Height at the top of the central tower 40,1
  • Divided in 5 macro blocks easy to move, transport and to stock: the "facade", the "nave", the "transept", the "choir" and the “apse
  • Easy Build Bags: Option available only if you by the model in Lego® bricks on requesting the EASY BUILD BAGS option. With these bags you will not have thousands of bricks on your table but only those needed to build the step you are reading. Simply open the bags when they are shown on the instructions, you will save space and many hours of construction time.

  • Enlighten it!!!! All the cathedral windows are made of transparent plates bricks, which give a realistic touch whether you place lights on the inside (yes, all the windows will shine in many beautiful colors!). The light kit is available on

  • You can buy the complete model in Lego® Bricks or the five single blocks to build it slowly in time and without buying in one time 60k bricks, the light kit, the easy building version on

N.b.: Shipped via Express Courier dhl 25/35 working days after the order. From 2 to 5 Days to be delivered.

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